Advantages of Using a High-Quality Penis Extender

In this article, I discuss the benefits of using a high-quality penis extender.


Penis size is a topic that both men and women tread on carefully. A lot of companies went abuzz with various penis enlargement procedures and devices. Surgery, which was a few years ago viewed as the safest option is expensive and risky.

What if something happens to you or you die, are you willing to die because of an erection? Now there is a new and revolutionary way to go about it, the Sizegenetics extender. This device is clinically tested and medically proven by Urologists to be 97.5% effective.

Advantages of a Penis Extender

  • Increases the length of the penis
  • Increases the girth of the penis
  • Straightens any curved penile deformity
  • Bigger and harder erections
  • Eliminates premature ejaculation
  • Improves stamina and sexual desire

How Penis Extenders Really Work

The device has a unique and comfortable mechanism which allows it to be worn comfortably for longer periods of time. It uses a traction control system that makes sure the correct amount of force is being applied. Each device is tested for tension and safety during manufacturing to ensure only the best comes out of the factory. Learn more at

This device is about the size of an adult palm. It uses the muscle building technique. See, it stretches the penis and this triggers the body’s defense mechanism which under physical influence produces cells to fill the chambers of the penis and this increases the tissue mass. Increased tissue mass equals a lot more blood flowing into the penis thus allowing it to widen and grow longer and maintain an erection longer.

Medically Approved Penis Enlargement Device

This device is medically approved. Correspondence from its users indicates that it does have great results. There are no reported side effects, unlike the most commonly used pills. Pills tend to collide with the body’s mechanism and sometimes distort the natural routine of a penis function. Actually, with this device the only side effect one’s going to have is the increased penile size.

This device is manufactured and distributed by a company called Permanda Ltd. The best option for getting the Sizegenetics extender is by ordering through its official website.

There are a lot of counterfeits and companies insinuating they are making similar devices but their devices have not been medically tested and approved. When you purchase this device, it combines three elements, a traction device, some natural supplements and guidelines on some exercise to do.

The following are available on the packaging:

  • 1 traction tested unique enlargement device
  • 2 sex improvement DVDs
  • Enlargement exercise DVD
  • A travel case for enlargement on the go
  • The company is so confident of this product that they offer a six-month money back guarantee. Combining the penis enlargement exercises plus wearing the device is bound to give tremendous results.

How Much Length Can You Actually Gain?

With a penis extender, you can expect to gain 1-2 inches within the first 6-9 months of daily use. That’s based on a daily regimen of wearing it for 6-8 hours per day with a break every 2 hours.

Usually, initial results are seen in the first 3 months. People with smaller penises will experience more noticeable gains as compared to guys that are already hung.

Fortunately, you can speed up your results if you incorporate other penis enlargement techniques such as jelqing and stretching, and even vacuum pumps. However, you should give yourself one day off per week to give your penis more time to grow. You don’t want to overdo it and risk injury or pain which could set you back. Learn more at


All men who are and have been disappointed by their penile sizes have to worry no more. The SizeGenetics system uses a defined clinically tested and proven scientific technique. The men will start experiencing and noticing changes in the first 2 weeks and by 6 months they will have achieved their results.

If you are looking for a more affordable enlargement device you can also try the X4 Labs which comes with everything you need. Both of them are excellent products and have a proven track record of permanent penis enlargement.

SizeGenetics is slightly more comfortable but comes as a premium whereas X4 Labs will give you the same exact results.

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