Do Penis Really Extenders Work?

Penis extenders are medical type 1 devices that are designed to hold your penis in traction in the hope that the continued traction will cause your penis to grow in length and girth. The big question though is do penis extenders work? Yes!! Penis extenders do work but do be aware that results are not achieved overnight. Permanent enlargement results in both length and girth are achieved but these results only begin to show after approximately 1 month of regular usage and the best results are achieved after 6 months of regular usage.

How Penis Extenders Work

The best penis extender devices use the orthopedic principle of traction to slowly lengthen your penis.  The device continuously stretches your penis causing the tiny cells to elongate and then divide causing a real increase in cell mass and therefore a longer and thicker penis. This same principle has been used for centuries amongst women from certain African and Asian tribes to successfully stretch their necks. African men used a similar principle of stretching via tying weights to their penis and ended up with some formidable and monstrous penis results.
Please do not try tying weights to your penis as it can also cause some tremendous damage if not done correctly. To achieve the best results penis extender devices should be worn for a minimum of 2 hours a day. However, if you are able to wear the device for longer periods of time you will achieve faster results. Learn more at

While optimum results are achieved over a six month period this does not mean that you have to stop after 6 months. You may choose to continue to increase your penis size even after the six month period until you finally achieve the penis that you always wanted.

Penis Extenders to correct penis curvature

Many men do suffer from a curved penis. The curvature of the erect penis can cause embarrassment and discomfort to one or both partners in sexual intercourse. Apart from the discomfort caused penis curvature can also make your erection size seem smaller.

The curve in your erection is as a direct result of muscles of differing lengths or conditions such as Peyronie’s disease which cause the muscle lengths to differ. As you achieve an erection the muscles are stretched to capacity with a curve forming towards the shorter muscle side.

Using a penis extender results in the “shorter” muscle being stretched and lengthened until such stage as the muscles become equal in length. With the muscles of your penis now equal in length, the curvature during erection is drastically reduced and you can enjoy a longer looking penis and sex without discomfort.

Are the results with a Penis Extender permanent?

Using a penis extender device results in an increase in cell mass in your penis. The increase in cell mass results in a longer and thicker penis. This is a real and permanent increase in penis size.

There are many other methods of penis enlargement such as pills and pumps which produce a temporary increase in erection size which is lost as soon as the erection is gone. However, you can rest assured that when you grow your penis using an extender device the gains you achieve are there for life.

Will my erection quality be affected by a Penis Extender?

Correct usage of your penis extender will result in a longer and harder erections. The new cells that form in your penis as it grows encourage increased blood flow resulting in stronger and harder erections that generally last longer. Using a penis extender will not only result in an increase in penis size but you will also enjoy a major boost to your confidence resulting in a new and improved you.

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