ProExtender System Review | Why It Works

If you have been looking for a way to increase the size of your penis, then you have probably already done a lot of research on the Internet. In this article, I review ProExtender.

About Penis Extenders

From the middle of the twentieth century, there had been a lot of interest in Europe in developing a method of penis enlargement which would actually add tissue to the penis. Physicians knew that skin cells under pressure would reproduce, creating more skin. This ability of the skin to multiply itself had already been used in techniques for treating burns. So why not apply it to the penis? The problem was that all the existing methods were crude and unpredictable.

In 1998, the first positive news appeared when a plastic surgeon from Copenhagen, Dr. Jorn Siana, presented a paper at an international seminar on genital surgery in Barcelona, Spain. Siena’s paper was called Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching. In plain terms that means making the dick longer by stretching it. And that’s exactly what the Proextender was invented to do.

But unlike earlier crude systems with weights or exercises, Proextender is engineered to apply exactly the right degree of traction in exactly the right direction, to allow the tissue under tension to reproduce, adding to the total tissue involved. So this device actually adds extra tissue to the penis.

How ProExtender Works

So you probably want to know how penis extenders like ProExtender work and why they are more effective than all of the other products for enhancing the size of your penis. ProExtender and other penis extenders like it employ a technique that is called penis traction. In this process, you are stretching your penis slowly. As you are stretching your penis, there are small tears in the tissue that are occurring.

These are microscopic tears – you do not see them, there is no pain or blood or anything like that. But every time some tissue is torn, more tissue is created by the body to compensate. And so little by little you are gaining more tissue on your penis, which in the end leads to a larger penis.

Of course, this is a process that is slow and it will take at least three to six months to see any progress at all. But when the progress is noticed, it will be worth it, because it is permanent. In about six months’ time, you can probably expect to see at least an inch in length and a half inch in girth. Of course, it is important to note that you need to follow instructions and take it slowly. Men who try to speed up the process by overstretching their penises can only hurt themselves in the end.

So if you are someone that really wants to increase the size of their penis permanently and is willing to work for it, then ProExtender is a great choice. It is completely safe if you use it appropriately and it is also guaranteed to work. All of the other solutions are temporary – penis extenders like ProExtender are the only products that offer you real results that are lasting. Learn more at

Scientific Results

In a controlled study of men using the Proextender system over 24 weeks, there was an average increase in the length of 29% and a 20% increase in penis length. According to the results, a typical case was an increase in the erect length of 1.1 inches. I thought that sounded pretty promising.

I was pretty amazed when I read all that and immediately realized that the Proextender system was exactly what I needed to enlarge my feeble manhood. And then, although I didn’t really need any more convincing, I read some testimonials from men who had used Proextender. They were all so enthusiastic about Proextender and what it had done for them, that I decided I didn’t need to look any further. Learn more at

That was when I ordered the Proextender system, and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been a long road, but I finally got to the end of it. I now have a long, thicker, heavier penis, even when it’s totally flaccid. I’m no longer embarrassed when a girl sees my dick for the first time. I’m more Why I chose the Proextender system, I’m happier, and my sex life is great.

But I’ve got ahead of myself here. I want to explain to you exactly what happened every step along the way as I set out to grow my dick using Proextender. It wasn’t always easy, but I was encouraged almost from the first week by the small but steady increase in the size of my dick as I continued using the Proextender.


I’m not a patient guy, and I’ll generally give up on something if it’s taking to long. So if I could stick it out with the Proextender for the time it took me to get where I am today, then you can do it too, I’m sure. It’s pretty easy to have patience when you can see the results day by day, almost from the beginning.

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