Risks of Homemade Penis Extenders

Some guys just love to tinker with mechanical devices. They love to see how they tick. Maybe you are one of those types of guys. Maybe you want to prove to yourself that you can build something on your own, If you can, that’s awesome. I am happy for you.

About Homemade Extenders

Let’s get one point across right now. Please do not attempt to build a homemade penis extender device on your own. Whether it is just to save a few dollars or even if you are even considering selling a few or even just the plans. Don’t.

People think that it makes sense to save money by doing it themselves. They don’t take into consideration the risks of homemade penis extenders. If the device breaks or if it cuts off blood flow to the penis or even causes allergic reactions or chafing from the metal parts being used your penis will suffer an injury.

SizeGenetics Is Safer

Not to mention the fact that medically designed & tested extenders are Type 1 Medical Devices, meaning they are manufactured with the highest degree of regulation. They’re inspected and are compliant with safety standards in place for consumer protection.

In fact, the SizeGenetics penis extender qualifies in that elite group. Ever since it was developed in Europe, the European Community has upheld the SizeGenetics penis extender to a very high degree of integrity.

They have placed the CE symbol on the device because it meets or exceeds the high standards of safety, quality, & workmanship.

And that’s the reason the Size Genetics penis extender device is manufactured, not built. Again, please do not attempt to build a homemade penis extender, you could do permanent damage to your penis(and ego).

You can build a go-kart in your garage, but it’s just not possible to make a Type 1 Medical device such as the SizeGenetics extender at home.

Some guys have even claimed to have success with their risky homemade penis devices. I myself have never seen or tried a homemade device. I did see some plans for a homemade penis extender online once, however, I was instantly skeptical when all the parts were from the hardware store.

How can you determine how much traction force is being applied to your penis?

You can’t. That’s the problem that plagues every homemade penis extender device. Even if they are used properly, there are still problems that will arise that the builder did not take into consideration. Big problems.

Here are the risks of homemade penis extenders. Too little traction force means no gains what so ever. Too much force, & serious problems can occur. Even permanent penile damage is possible. The device also may not stretch the penis evenly or keep it perfectly straight, unlike a real Type 1 medical device.

A properly manufactured traction device will keep the penis stretched with the optimal amount of traction force (usually 600-1200 grams) & is designed to keep the penis true.

And the manufacturer has made sure that the device will not cut or injure the user, as long as the device is used according to the manual. The Size Genetics penis extender is safe, & is clinically proven to provide real gains in penis size, measurable in inches.

We admire your spirit in wanting to do-it-yourself. That shows you have a take-charge attitude. You can do it with the SizeGenetics Extender. Manufactured to provide maximum penis size gains in the shortest time possible. Learn more at http://austingosser.bcz.com


So in conclusion: Homemade traction devices are risky. Any money saved in the process will likely be spent back on medical treatments for your broken penis. Not to mention your embarrassment of having to explain that type of injury to your doctor.

He’s going to say, “How did you do that? You built what?!?” After that, you will probably get a lecture.

So don’t even try a risky homemade penis extender device. The quality of a good extender such as the SizeGenetics penis traction device is worth the cost. Considering you get guaranteed penis size gains or your money-back anyways, what do you have to lose?

Well, do you know what you could gain with the Size Genetics penis extender? Confidence, sex drive, longer erections, more stamina, pride…Oh yeah, did I mention that you also get a permanently bigger penis?

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