The Best Penis Extender Revealed

Buying a penis extender is an investment in your sexual future that could literally change your life and boost your self-confidence by increasing the size of your penis. However, with so many penis extenders available on the market how do you know which is the best for you and which will effectively produce the results that you are wishing to achieve.  Hopefully, my guide below will aid you in your search for the best possible product to suit your needs and attain the penis size that you desire.

What makes one penis extender better than the rest?

A penis extender is a device that holds your penis under constant traction thereby forcing the cells in your penis to stretch and divide and increasing cell mass which produces real permanent gains in both length and girth. As can be seen in the image to the right, the device fits around the base of your penis and is attached just below the head of your penis creating a stretching action. The two steel bars on either side are spring loaded and provide a constant traction and stretching.

Most Important Consideration – Comfort

For best results, you do need to wear your penis extender device for approximately 2 hours a day. To comfortably be able to do this it is most important that the extender device is as comfortable to wear as possible. Learn more at

Many cheaper penis extenders have a silicone noose grip which cuts into your penis making it extremely uncomfortable to wear and as a result, the extender is soon discarded and results are never achieved. Although they may cost slightly more penis extenders with special comfort attachments will allow you to wear your extender for prolonged periods and therefore increase the results achieved. Although I will be reviewing many different brands of extenders below are the two brands that I consider to be the best penis extenders available.

Do Penis Extenders really work?

Penis extenders as we know them today were originally invented by a group of doctors who sought a device to keep a penis perfectly straight after penile surgery. They soon discovered that not only did their device keep the penis straight and even correct penile curvature, but it also resulted in a lengthening and thickening of the penile tissue resulting in real permanent increases to penis size.

Since then penis extenders have become the number one method of effective penis enlargement and have undergone many tests which have proven that they do indeed provide permanent increases and correct curvature. However, results are not achieved overnight. While visible results are often achieved in just a few weeks, best results are achieved in 5 to 6 months of regular usage.

What Increases can you Expect to Achieve?

Results vary from person to person and quite obviously your results will depend largely on your starting size and frequency of use. Realistically you could well expect an increase of up to 30% in both length and girth with the usage of 2 hours a day for 6 months. For some 30 % may represent a couple of inches gained while for others 30% may only be an inch but believe me that extra inch can make a world of difference to your confidence.


SizeGenetics is the real Rolls Royce of comfort in penis extenders with its unique 16-way comfort system. SizeGenetics is a high quality registered Medical Type 1 device that produces guaranteed penis enlargement results.
The support offered by SizeGenetics is exceptional and they have a lot of extra bonuses including the chance to get your Penis Extender absolutely free!

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X4 Labs

X4 Labs is well established as a supplier of a range of different penis extenders with many options and price ranges to choose from. The support and bonuses are not quite as good as that offered by SizeGenetics but they do have a larger selection of options to suit every budget.

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JesExtender is recognized as being the original penis extender. The JesExtender is a solid extender with a formidable reputation and is covered by an incredible double money back guarantee. JesExtender does not offer any extra bonus products

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Male Edge

Male Edge is a funky and fashionable brightly colored penis extender range aimed at bringing some color back into your life. Backed by a solid 2 year warranty and a double money back guarantee this is really an incredible and affordable penis extender device. There are no bonus products with the Male Edge extender but the excellent price makes up for the lack of extra’s.

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